my name is Samantha and I live in NC. I am sending this picture because I see several faces in behind my daughters head, in the window. There is one large scary face and several small faces all around him. This picture was taken on Oct.18,2008 at my daughters "sweet 16"  costume party, thus the Halloween  decorations. The faces in the window, I can assure you were not part of the decorations. The picture was taken with a 35mm Kodak (this is all that I know because it was taken by one of her friends and I paid for the developing of the pictures, since my own camera had mysteriously quit working earlier in the day). The weather outside was clear, but nice, thus the sun room door being left open. This is the only abnormal one I saw. I did lighten it a bit and maximized it a little to get a better look at it and that's when I saw several other faces. Also out of a roll of 24, only about half the pictures turned out. We have had several neighbors come and ask us how we live in such a haunted house, because they say they have seen people walk by the windows and such when no one is at home. We have always known the house has spirits in it, due to the fact we have heard people talking, etc.

Submitted by:  Samantha Peak

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  Staff comments:
It certainly looks like a peeking apparition checking out the festivities. Samantha also sent me a more defined version of the photo, but I was unable to open that attachment. I have requested it however in jpg format.

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