I am writing pertaining to an occurrence in West Papua (Indonesian province). The date was January 2001. While we were visiting, a young boy was standing by this building, where the blue awning is now. It appears that the wall had been freshly plastered. He said that a light, like a meteor, had come out of the sky and he caught it, then he became afraid and threw it against the wall. The image formed on the wall from what the boy threw is being called Tuhan, Jesus, the Lord Jesus, by people who see it. As you can see, the area has been roped off and covered by a tarp to protect it. This is beside a busy street, which I stood in to take the first picture. We are accustomed to seeing patterns on walls formed by drying plaster, but this one is striking. People simply say it is Jesus. There have been a number of these events around Indonesia recently, this being the only one we had seen. People are taking it to mean something significant.

Submitted by:  Duane and Clare Ann

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The image is in this corner and protected by a tarp


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