This is one of my favorite pictures.  This is a large old white oak tree at an old family cemetery.  I've always loved the tree and last October, 2006 while I was standing beside it, my son took this picture of me.   The face in the tree is not visible to just look with the naked eye but to this day,  when I take a photo the face is still there.    I've sent three pictures, the first two are the same but the first is the original and the second one has been contrasted and trimmed,   the third one was taken as I walked away from the tree and you can see how it looks like "he's" watching.   I feel that the this is a guardian spirit.  

Submitted by: Cindy


Face is somewhat outlined in this photo

  Staff comments:
--We have listed two of the three photos that Cindy had sent us. The face in the tree is indisputable. However, it is possible that shadows from other trees could be the culprit?  Either way, we think it's an incredibly interesting photo.  __Jim



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