This book was recently sold on eBay
I know this is going to sound crazy, but not too long ago, I got in a shipment of old books.  I didn't pay too much attention to them until I noticed that something seemed to be spilling out of the bottom of one of them.  When I opened it, to my horror I found what seems to be a ghost smashed flat between the pages!  I don't honestly know how it got there, or who trapped it between the pages of a book, but it doesn't look happy to me.  However, being pressed seems to have robbed it of its will to haunt.  It's been very quiet since I got it, and I don't really mind having it around. 
Recently, however, a mysterious stranger told me to sell it on eBay, so here it is, absolutely guaranteed to be nothing more or less than what it is. Photo of the book as I first noticed it, with something white spilling out from between the pages.  Note both the eerie greenish staining on the edge of the book, and the ominous and inexplicable dark shadow hovering nearby. Another shot of the book as I first saw it.  As you can see, the book itself is quite old. And here it is, the pressed ghost!  There's much more of this green staining inside, and I've done some research that suggests that this may be ectoplasm that was smished out of the ghost when he was caught inside the book!  He looks very upset, but I'm not surprised considering he's been smashed flat inside an advanced math book for decades.  Wouldn't you scream? A closer shot of the ghost, and now the ominous shadow seems quite strong.  Note the eerie iridescence of the greenish ectoplasmic material. An excellent photo showing the ectoplasmic qualities of this pressed ghost.

Submitted by: Tim



Close up

  Staff comments:
--This book was being auctioned on eBay.com as a ghost smashed into it. Apparently the auction did well! We include the story as it appeared on the auction site. We thought it was so fun, we decided to post it.  : ) 



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