After coming across your site and looking at the section where people have sent in their own ghost pictures, I thought I would like to share mine with you. The picture was taken whilst I was out walking with 2 friends in Keele Woods, Staffordshire, in England. We are all students at Keele University, and wanted to take some photos in the surrounding countryside to send to the annual year book. Keele is a very beautiful and rural place, with a large woodland. The woods almost felt like a magical place, as it had such a rich history dating back to the 1500s when the adjoining Keele Hall was erected for the infamous Lord Sneyd, and was filled with relicts of the past, such as disused boating lakes and dry wells. The woods are very extensive, and it is easy to get lost as the paths are relatively untrodden and overgrown. We wanted to take the pictures for the year book as not many students know about their existence. This picture was taken after about 3 hrs of walking in the woods. It was a warm summer day and we were in full swing with taking the photos. I took this picture looking down at a stream but when it flashed up on my screen I totally panicked! I looked up from the camera but there was nothing to explain what we had captured. I screamed for my friends to come and see the picture. I was really panicking and saying how it looked like a face. As soon as my friends saw it they all freaked out and we all started running. We had to run back through the woods and it took us ages - I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life!! Even when we got home we could not rationalize the situation. It was a hot day, no condensation or water vapor, no one was smoking, I have no way to explain it! Weird!?!?! Anyways I hope this is good enough to make it onto your website. I still cant explain the photo, and would love it if you could perhaps comment on it??  It looks to me like two figures to the left of the camera, the closest of which appears to be looking back at me. It still freaks me out today!

Submitted by:  Francesca Flynn & Garron Dodd

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
It definitely looks like two spirits taking a stroll in the woods. It would have freaked me out as well if I would have taken such a picture.



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