I took this digital photo at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose on September 2004. There appears to be an image of a woman (Sarah?) and a man in the window. This photo was taken outside up towards the bell tower looking into a room that is not open to the tour. Also no tour guides were dressed in period costumes. It was a particularly good day as we experienced quite a few vibes as well as a flickering light bulb in one room on the tour.

Submitted by:  Alex Banuelos

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  Staff comments:
I have been to the Winchester Mystery House several times and have experienced many unusual occurrences. As a matter of fact, George Lutz (Amityville Horror) called me once while I was there. That felt a little strange being that he, like Sarah Winchester, lived in an incredibly active haunted house. I posted this photo because I have to wonder if this might be Sarah Winchester peering out the window at all the tour activity. And I do agree with Alex, the figure does appear to be dressed in period clothing. _Jim Eaton



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