I run across two images that remind me of the Car Thing. The first, below, was originally submitted to Art Bell's website (former show--now George Noory's) by Casey Jones, who wrote: "A friend of mine had been telling me about a weird picture his Aunt Renee M. from Chicago, Illinois, took at Kennedy Space Center from years ago...This photo was taken in 1988, while his aunt and her husband were visiting the old Mission Control Center Building at Cape Canaveral at Kennedy. She was on a tour, and this was basically a storage room of old equipment that she took a quick shot of. When the picture came back, she was surprised at the figure that developed, as it wasn't there when she took the photo. She sent the picture to NASA and they replied that they had no explanation as to what it was, meaning, it was not any kind of equipment or gear they use or have used in the past, so whatever it is, it's not an intended part of the scenery."

Submitted by:  Neil B.

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:

Later, another viewer directed attention to a
sketch of a liquid-cooled ventilation garment. I agree that the weird white thing looks like the drawing. But I am mystified why it would have been displayed in that manner by NASA.



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