It was a snowy day in my part of England which is rare, so I decided to get some pics. But this to me looks like a woman in a dress laying on her side. This is no mark on my window, because I opened it, because I use flash on my camera. It's not a spec of snow either, because I hold my camera with a shelter around it, I'm no idiot. PLEASE publish them. Also, if I could get a reply back, then PLEASE do....I really want to know what you think...

Submitted by:  Kazuo Kiriyama

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
There are several possibilities to consider with a photo such as this. The first thing one should consider is motion from two kids possibly rough-housing in the snow. It's the most likely cause from such an image. However, the reason I am not considering that is because there are no shoe prints in the snow. So, this could actually be a supernatural occurrence... cool!



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