I am sending a picture my Mom took in October 2007. My Uncle Curt, Aunt Linda, and Mom were out taking random pictures at the old farm where they grew up on north of the town we live in. As Mom and Curt were wondering around my Mom snapped a picture of my Aunt Linda sitting in the pickup. The weird thing is that it appears there is a boy sitting in the seat next to her when no one else was there! Also at the top of the picture above the door that is open there is a white face that looks like my Grandma that recently passed away. There are several other places on this picture where it looks like faces, but these two are the most obvious. Let me know what you think, it is so strange!

Submitted by:  Christina Keller

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See how many additional faces you can find

  Staff comments:
We definitely see what looks like a zombie in the cab of the pickup with Aunt Linda. We have to wonder if it's attached to her in some way.

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