Jordan Martin, 12, caught the blurry figure as the couple danced at their wedding reception at Tewkesbury Rugby Club, Gloucester. He was speechless when he flicked through his snaps and saw the haunting image of a woman's head and torso floating inches from the ground near the DJ booth. He said: "I didn't see the ghost until a couple of days later when I was looking at the pictures on the computer. "I thought it was really weird because it really looks like there's a ghost in the picture." The picture was taken as newlyweds Nigel and Helen Davis took to the floor for the first dance after their wedding at Gloucester Register Office on May 31. His mum Ann, of Northway, Gloucester doesn't believe in ghosts but cannot explain the figure's strange appearance. She said: "It was a shock when I saw the picture. It looks pretty clear to me and it looks so real. Jordan is quite excited about it."

Submitted by:  Kevin M.

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  Staff comments:
Normally we discount anything with orange and yellows because these colors are consistent with motion blur. This one however, has us stumped. The young lady does not appear to be a streak of motion from a living person. So therefore we must consider the possibility of a spirit coming through the floor to attend the wedding.

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