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This photo was sold on eBay October 1, 2009. The winning bidder paid $137.50 plus shipping. The title was displayed as "Original Spirit Photo Family - Lot of Ghosts". The photo was originally part of the world famous Robert L. White collection. There was also a money back guarantee offered to the one buying the photo. No details were offered concerning the actual event or location.

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See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
I actually joined in on the bidding of this photo but did not pursue to the end. No information as to whether this photo was considered authentic or fakery. But it is impressive.

I have never written before but was having a look at this picture of the photo and I can see at least another 6 faces I have roughly circled them. Hope you can see them as well.
Jim's comments: Sorry for not making it clear that there were more than one face. I highlighted only one because that's all I could include in the close-up. Sorry for the confusion.

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