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I capped this picture at Willard library. Date and time are on it. The photo was never posted on their site, most likely because of children being in the photo. No one can tell us why the one kid appears as ghostly grey? I have posted it on courier press and asylum.com and it was suggested I send it to Ghoststudy.

Submitted by:  William

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Could just be a small child wearing a wide array of grey shading incorporated into his clothes but even that would be odd. I'm betting it's most likely a live kid but it's like something took all the color out of his clothing. Very interesting photo. You can visit the actual cam site at the haunted Willard Library here.

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The child in this picture looks like he is transparent, too. I think the picture is great! I see spirits when they decide to make their presence known. Spooks the crap out of my daughter, so I donít tell her when I see an earth spirit.

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In the picture of the Willard Library capture of the child all in grey, there is also a little girl standing to the right of the grey child. She is also grayed out too, so itís probably a camera effect instead of anything paranormal.

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Whether this is an authentic ghost capture or not, the little girl in the light blue top at right in the group is clearly looking straight at and is apparently aware of this strange figure.
Yes, it does seem obvious the little boy is gray, but has anyone
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Yes, it does seem obvious the little boy is gray, but has anyone noticed to the right of the little boy? There seems to be a face that is not clear (plasma looking).   This is in the lower right corner right in front of the bookcase.   Something is there.

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