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My name is Heather. This picture was taken about 4 years ago in Carbondale, IL. It was in a parking lot between a bar and an apartment building. Several pictures were taken there before and after this single photograph. Normally I am good at explaining away blurs and such in pictures. But this one was unusual because it was the only picture like it. It was not foggy that night and there is not reason why this fog like image should be in this picture...what is the creepiest thing about it is that the fog looks like a man turned toward the camera. He is wearing a jacket and a hat and is dressed kinda old fashioned. I can not explain it so hopefully you can. Thank you for your time.

Submitted by:  Heather

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  Staff comments:
I'm seeing what Heather is seeing. Actually I see two attractive young women with what appears to be a ghost strolling by without care. Breath on a cold night can look similar to this type of mist but considering the attire of the women, it was most likely not cold that evening. I am personally ruling out cigarette smoke as a consideration as well. Smoke would be brighter and less compact. It's misty form appears dark or 'dirty looking' as breath would appear on film but again, we have ruled that out as well. I think we should consider the possibilities of this photo... Interesting appearance.

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