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This is a photo taken from an airplane window flying over Texas in Dec. 1972. It was taken by a friend of my Aunts. You can see the date at the bottom of the picture. Since the date is at the bottom I'm assuming the picture is in the up position. I also sent the picture turned the other way. It looks to be a picture of Jesus' robe with with no head in the clouds. Not sure what to think of it, I just thought it would be a neat picture to post. I've had the picture since I was 15 ( now 50) and was just looking at your web-site and decided to send it to you. 

Here's a website full of collected versions of this photo

Submitted by:
 Carolyn Dyer

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com

Upside down

  Staff comments:
We have posted versions of this photo before and everyone that sends me a copy believes they have the original. I even posted a version once that was being auctioned on eBay a few years ago. They claimed to have the original and also had the negative to back their claim. The opening bid was $3000.00. What we think happened is that the original owner made copies of the photo and passed them out. We have heard that in the 70's, some religious groups were also passing out copies of the photo as well. So copies were everywhere in the early to mid 1970's. Now, people are finding them among the personal effects of their relatives and thinking they have the original. The interesting thing now is that the photo is beginning to change slightly as it's being passed around on the web. Not all the images are exactly the same anymore. Backgrounds are changing, detail is being added and some cropping is being done as well. Thanks to photo enhancement programs, the original version is taking on a slightly new look. Unfortunately, because of that deception comes into play the integrity of the photo loses value and respect. So who can really say where the original photo resides or even if it still exists. Maybe the eBay version was the real deal. Here's the eBay auction - click here

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