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I found this photo while going through old photo albums.  This photo is from my father's side of the family.  It was taken circa 1939 (late 30's/early 40's) in upstate New York in Troy. My dad guessed the make of the car was a Packard. You will notice a young boy that is "driving" the car, but the car door is closed.  Also there seems to be another spectral image of a face showing through the man who is standing.  There is a bunch of cloudy white stuff at the top of the photo, but that could be from aging. What do you think? I have asked friends/family and they are divided...some think it's a double exposure, but everything lines up just so, and there aren't any other images that would prove that is the case...my father by the way, thinks it's a glitch but then again I don't think he believes in much of this stuff!

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Submitted by:  Lauren Gardner

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  Staff comments:
If I had to give it a logical explanation, I would have to say it's a double exposure. But then again, even if the door were all the way open in the previous photo, I think the door would still be blocking much of the child's body...and we would see the open door in this photograph! It's a fun photo to consider but perplexing to the mind. I also see what appears to be a face in the lower part of the windshield but that could easily be a trick of light. If anyone has an answer to this mystery photo, please send it along.  :)

This is clearly a double exposure. The reason so much of the interior of the car is visible is possibly because the car has barn type doors, which open away from each other. The edge of the right hand door while it was open can just be seen about halfway up the front fender. The reason all the edges line up is because a steady tripod was used, a practice not common today but very common in the 1930s before hand-held cameras became widely available.   _Doug A.

I think it is a double exposure, if you look to our right of the driving child there is a sort of black angular mass, I think that is the car door open, and the Dad was standing a little more to our right and the mother also, cause in this final photo, car door shut and both people standing a little more to our left then the first photo, father has mothers front of her dress on his chest,  hence a double exposure, because film cameras sometimes would not forward the film when winding, see what you think, thanks, Janna in Boise, Idaho

It is just reflection. If you study pictures of 1940 Packard you will notice the curvature of the body. And probably it is the reflection of the child at right of the photographer and the dog is looking at the child. It seems that the reflection ends at a vertical line. I searched through many images and found the answer. there is a vertical bend at the the same point. I am attaching an image of 1940 Packard from sunset classics where it is clearly visible due to the angle the picture is taken but front picture (or other models) don't show that. Image of 1939 is an example of reflection. Thanks   _Noman


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