These photos were taken in July 29, 2005. The picture shows a bottle gourd tree, but the fruit is deformed and looks like ghost faces! So people called it "ton namtao phi" (phi = ghost, ton=tree, namtao is the name of the type of tree). These photos are being circulated by email--we do not know the source of the photos or what province they are from.

Submitted by:  Sam

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


The actual tree with the deformed fruit

  Staff comments:
I've seen this type of fruit before, on occasion but without the face. The normal fruit does look very similar but without the actual facial features. It may or may not be supernatural but it's truly interesting and even a bit eerie! If I saw faces like that on my fruit, I would either charge admission or run for the hills!  : )



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