I did not take this, but it was passed around a couple of years ago, the scene is a Wilhoit cemetery in Ohio. The participants were dedicating a grave site with a new marker, and re-enactors were present. A couple of the re-enactors posed for a memory shot and got more than they bargained for. The  Building had no-one in it, and through  the open window on the left is a fairly clear image of what is clearly a ghost like woman sitting and watching. I cropped and enhanced the image in the window, but made no further alterations, (adjusting contrast). When I enlarge the image there were pixelated artifacts around the man walking near the window, but NONE  near the woman's image. The pixelation is from the enlarging. Interesting image to say the least. ( we call it the Wilhoit Ghost).

Submitted by:  Jeff Scism

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


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