DSC00668.JPG is a picture of the picture I have framed in a poster frame the way it normally looks.  I took it at an angle to keep the flash off of it.  (Today July 2, 2008) This picture was taken with a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera. The original picture was taken with a Pentax IQZoom  90 MC 35 MM Camera.  These other two pictures have been scanned from the original print and cropped.  My 12 year old grandson too the picture of me back in 1989, and we never saw the figure in the picture until after the film was developed.   Since then, we have saw another individual in the picture but I didn't get a picture of it.  I moved the picture out from my office to nother room as it seemed to watch me and made me very  uncomfortable.  Don't care for 'pirates' peering down on me!!! I was checking your website because I had a large 'Light ORB' fly across my bed room through the bathroom and out the window ( straight shot right over my bed at 3 AM... I didn't sleep the rest of the night.  I didn't know at the time and what came to mind was a space ship with little green men!  Which to me is more scary than spirits and ghosts.  My family has a history of seeing ghosts, so I could tell you many ghost tales.  We try not to talk about it as it seems to invite them to become active and I had just as soon they stayed far away. 

Submitted by:  Mildred

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