This photograph was taken with a mobile phone camera (Samsung u340) I am not sure what the conditions were exactly, but the man who took the picture lives on an Indian reservation in North Dakota and has absolutely no computer of photography experience.  He told me he was just using his phone to take pictures of his daughter one day last summer and this appeared in one of the photos.  The natives around here are very superstitious and its not unusual to hear ghost stories or talk to people that have had paranormal experiences.  There is definitely a spiritual vibe on this reservation, I grew up close by, a lot of violent deaths and such. I hope to hear back from you, I've known the guy who took this most of my life and there is no way he would be capable or have the knowledge to have faked this picture.  Thank you for your time.

Submitted by:  Kerry DeCoteau

See the full-size image at: SecretCrypt.com


  Staff comments:
What a frightful image to show up in a photograph! It looks to me like the photo was cropped and I wish it wasn't, because it would give us a greater understanding if intact. However, we must consider the possibility of the 'scary figure' perhaps being a second person sliding into the photo at the last second. If that was the case, this image would be simple motion blur occurrence. Pics without flash are especially susceptible to any type of motion. To me however, the typical signs of motion abnormalities are not indicated, so I'm posting it with that consideration.



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