I have been a fan of the Ghoststudy website for a while now, and when I was on a school trip to Belgium and France when we were studying World War I, among the locations were visited were a number of war graveyards. For quite a while now I have been interested in the paranormal, which was one of the reasons that led me to take a few pictures of the surrounding area over the head stones, when I looked over my pictures I was surprised to see what, to me, looked like a strange blobby figure in the right side of the picture. I canít quite remember what the name of the cemetery was, but I am pretty sure it was Tyne Cot Cemetery, the largest British war cemetery in the world. The weather was a little cold (It was November) and the sky was grey and cloudy. There were some small trees in the cemetery but this photograph was not taken near them, and there were a few small plants in front of the graves, but none that could have been this large, otherwise they would cover the headstones. If you would like I can also show you some previous pictures of the same area that did not include anything out of the ordinary. 

Submitted by:  Ellie

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  Staff comments:
We don't have an answer for this but we're very curious. There seems to be a hand coming from the mist and touching the headstone in front of it. I have requested additional pics of the area for comparison. Very interesting!



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