The two photo's that I have sent are the original, and a cropped photo.  I took these at Glen Haven Memorial Gardens in New Carlisle, Ohio.  This is the cemetery in which my family is buried, and I was visiting for the memorial day holiday.  I always take pictures of my fathers grave, but this day I decided to take photo's of the cemetery (I think it is a beautiful place).  This particular photo was taken as I was leaving.  This one, as well as about 4 pictures before this one, are a little blurry.  My children were with me, and I was moving to keep an eye on them, at that time.  There was nothing in this area of the cemetery, and the only people present at the time I took the photo, were myself, and my children behind me, as well as, a couple of people at the opposite end of the cemetery, by a grave.    I couple days after taking the photo's I decided to look at them, and I found this photo.  I see a man to the left of the tree.  I spent a lot of time looking at this picture, as well as, showing family members.  Reason being; I see this man as my father, as does some other family members.  So, I decided to share this photo...regardless of who, or what this photo is of, I find it interesting. My name is Audrey Thomas, and I am from Huber Heights, Ohio. 

Submitted by:  Audrey Thomas

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  Staff comments:
The image would actually be harder to explain if it wasn't a spirit. I am hopeful that it is as Audrey concludes. If so, it's a remarkable photo capture. I just wish the motion blur wasn't a factor or we would probably know exactly what we are dealing with. Overall, I can't explain it. We welcome all comments.



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