here are three pics that I took on holiday in skegness lincs UK. these were taken in fantasy island. there was no one there and there was no glass, so it is not a reflection. the pics are a bit blurry I am afraid because I am not very good at taking pics and the camera I was using was rubbish. I looked up ghosts in skegness on the net and it said there is the ghost of an old lady who used to sell ice cream. the scary thing is my kids were moaning because I wouldn't let them have an ice cream! don't have any other explanation of what this could be so please any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Submitted by: ZZ / ZZ

Scary human image to the left of photo


  Staff comments:
--We have to consider the possibility of this being a "Soft Ghost". Meaning, the components of the room coming together to create an effect or illusion. But either way, this is one creepy photo!  _Jim



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