Attached is a truly choice photo, taken by my best friend Donald Ericson in the doorway to a sewing room at the infamous Winchester House in California. We were on tour there, going from room to room, and Don snapped this digital photo along with many others as we went along. Since he resides in California, he later sent copies of all the photos he took for me to sort through with the intention of selecting good ones from all we took for use in a club newsletter I publish monthly here in Illinois. Among them was this....masterpiece!  I had taken a photo of the same room from virtually the same position, and mine was completely normal, as were all the other photos from both of our cameras. I hope you will agree that this one is just too good not to share, so here it is. Note: I have obtained permission from Don to submit it and assume the status of copywrite/owner.

Submitted by: Marshal & Donald

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