This is a picture of my son, it was taken Christmas 2006, as you can see there's a wired mist around him, it looks to me as if its linking on his right arm/shoulder area, he's sitting in front of the Christmas tree. I was thinking it couldn't be the Christmas tree lights as they would look all blurred and in a ray affect, but as you can see their not. Also there's a pair of curtains behind the tree, but I can cross them off the list as what the mist could be, it is confusing me on what it is, I'm not scared but a little worried, I need a concrete explanation on what this is please say that you can help me by looking over this picture.

Submitted by: Mr. Merriman

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  Staff comments:
--We haven't completely eliminated the possibility of motion blur... but what a cool pic of what is most likely a spirit comforting a child.



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