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Experienced this type of haunting? Please write us!
This is for a research study. click her to participate
If you have one of these types of abilities, please write us!
This is for a research study. click her to participate

     Our last research study - Children that see ghosts




We here at Ghoststudy feel that we are truly on the threshold of some amazing discoveries. We are finally moving ahead with the research and we need every-one's help in order to make it work. Find out what you can do.
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If you have a severe haunting with daily activity, please write us. We want to help. We're looking for an active haunting for the Research. Depending on the activity & witnesses, we may be able to come to your location.   
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Every month we choose the best pics out of the hundreds that are sent to
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Thousands of ghost photos to make you squirm in your seat! "This gallery is frightfully chilling and thought provoking", says Tim Burdock from the Times!  Go there

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Paranomal News
Ed Warren passed from this life August 23rd 2006
To a great man and a hero to us here at Ghoststudy.

House blown away by "witchcraft"
House blown apart by supernatural wind gust.

New magazine will have you seeing ghosts
It's a magazine about ghosts and the supernatural

Seven legged calf needs home
Calf born with seven legs... includes picture

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Contact us about your ghosts & haunting, we travel!

How to Record Ghost Voices (EVP)!
How to capture EVP's in a courteous & professional manner.

TV ghosts & other theories
David shares is theories on TV ghosts, shadow ghosts, etc.

How to perform a cleansing ritual
Cleaning to remove ghosts & negative energy

When the dead attack you in your sleep ( sleep paralysis )
Have you ever woke up and found yourself pinned down?

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