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Bachelor's Grove cemetery!
Melanie writes, "I have two pictures that I'm submitting to you. These both were taken at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois. I took them on March 7th shortly after 5 P.M. When I first arrived it was sleeting, but fortunately it died down a little while after our arrival. I used my Nikon Cool pixs digital camera. When taking these my sister and I made sure we held our breath as not to interfere with the pictures, no one was smoking as well. I had a very good day in shooting here, I captured several orbs as well as other possible ghost captures. I am sending you these two for the moment because all the people that I show these to see the same thing as I do. The first picture seems to be a transparent figure walking. I can clearly see legs and a torso. I hope you see what I do, but if you do deem them to be something else I'd like to hear what you think. Unfortunately, with Bachelor's Grove being so neglected and overgrown sometimes optical illusions do happen. I tried to look at these with that in mind, but these are just very compelling to me. Knowing the background and history of this cemetery I can see why these restless spirits wander the grounds. I hope to hear back from you on what you see. I put little yellow arrows on one pic to help you find it easier. Enjoy!"


Ghost form of a man



  Dark Angels comments:
Photos that have many trees, lots of leaves on the ground, or tall weeds/grasses are one of the biggest causes of simulcra.  All those branches, plants and leaves create lines going in all directions, allowing our eyes and minds to visualize images that aren't really there. 
Once in a while, though, we get a photo such as this one, that leaves enough room for doubt.  There does appear to be a stoop-shouldered man either walking along, or standing and gazing at the ground.  Bachelor's Grove is well-known to be a haunted place.  It's only unfortunate that the image isn't closer to the camera for bit better view.     
 Submitted by:  Melanie

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