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Update - Captain in picture!
Jenn writes, "I took several pictures throughout this house inside and out. This is the one with the most results. I could feel a presence so I snapped a few pictures of this room. You'll notice on the upper right what looks like an orb but the most fascinating discovery is in the picture on the wall above the sofa. The first photo is the complete room. Then we added the second photo of just the picture to show detail. I hope you have insight on this. Enjoy!"

Here's the update:
I took the picture in North Carolina. This is the cousinís house of my friend Bobby. They had gone on some investigations with me and were fascinated by this whole ghost hunting thing. They took me to some neat places. But anyway, their grandfather built this home and the grandmother died in it. There was definitely something in this house that didn't feel happy though. It was down the hallway into the son's room. Grandma died in the daughters room. But I took some shots where I had my 'vibes' and I took two pictures of this living room. All I thought I had was an orb. We were talking to a guy that been investigating for like 10 yrs and he pointed out the man in the photo. I didnít believe it. I looked EVERYWHERE for something to reflect that. There was nothing. Nothing. They told me it was their grandfather. Then the daughter brings me a picture from her moms room, I about fell over. It was him. Once we saw this in the picture (film) we could SEE it with our own eyes. But, only in this house!! They brought the framed picture to my friends house and nothing was there at all. I was saying "NOWAY" so we actually drove to their house and as soon as it got into the living room of this house, you could see the face again. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Even seeing it with my own eyes, I just couldn't come to the fact that it's just the way it was. I kept trying to come up with a reason. I was baffled. Just thought I'd share that with you!

NOTE: The submitter of this photo is our very own asst. message board manager, Jenn. She uses the name JeeperCreepersGStudy on the board
See the original photo posted here in our September 2003 gallery


Here's the photo we posted in September 2003

This is the grandfather who built the home where the picture was taken. He is believed to appear in the picture


See these pics at full-size - click here

Here is the same picture without the Captain


  Dark Angel's comments:
I can't help but wonder if this was their grandfather's favorite photo, or if he was fond of the ocean.  It seems that if there were a special connection to it for him, that he would be more likely to appear in it.  It makes sense that he would only make an appearance in his own home, and could be watching over his family.

Many viewers have reported a cloud face in the top left of the picture over the last 18 months and we thought we would point it out here just for fun. The captain image however, is phenomenal!
 Submitted by:  Jenn
Email: JeepersCreepersGStudy@msn.com

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