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500 forks and flowing mist!
Chris writes, "My friends and I took a picture of this persons yard because someone had placed hundreds of Forks in the front yard.  After taking the picture it looked as though a Spirit was taking up residence there.  "Did the Spirit place the Forks there as a mischievous prank??? ...we may never know."


Hundreds of forks and flowing mist


See these pics at full-size - click here

Close-up of mist and loads of jabbed forks


 Jim's comments:
Just by what we can see, there must be at least, 500 forks stuck in the yard of this residence. But probably more like 3000! I will be writing Chris back today for an update. We will post whatever additional information we obtain from Chris. My question is, where does someone find that many forks and why!??

Viewer comments
Now I'm sure that someone has already told you how/why someone would put forks in the ground, but just to be sure, I'll tell you anyway.
First off, you have to do this trick when the night is going to be very cold.  (Did you ask the person who took the picture if it was cold that night?)  Plastic forks or spoons are pushed into the ground and left there overnight in the cold.  In the morning the new plastic lawn ornaments are discovered and when someone tries to pull one out, they are met with quite a surprise.  When you try to pull out a plastic fork or spoon that has been in the cold dirt overnight, it won't come out, but will break, leaving the handle still stuck in the ground.  So you can imagine the headache  the groundskeeper had when he or she had to dig out all 3000 of those plastic handles. I'm a big fan of your site.  Keep up the good work!   Jess
 Submitted by:  Chris
Email: cwburfield1895@yahoo.com

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