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Parlor fun turns dead real!
Chris writes, I work as a mentalist in Toronto.
"On January 16th 2005 I hosted a spirit sťance program at the historic Gladstone hotel. The Gladstone is Toronto's oldest surviving and operating hotel. Currently it is going under renovations to restore it to it's former glory. For years it sat as a rooming house and fell into disrepair. The Gladstone is also noted as being haunted by a gentleman who plays the piano. The Gladstone is haunted by no less then two ghosts. One specific ghost used to play an old grand piano that was locked in a storage room behind the bar area. Staff who worked these days claim to hear the piano play, only to unlock the door and find nobody in the room. I perform as a mentalist and the night this photo was taken was like any other except that the subject matter was a sťance-fraudulent- with all the ballyhoo of a parlor room medium of the late nineteenth century. Except this happened.

I received this pic from photographer Greg Keleman who took it during the start of the program. I was being secured to a chair by local celebrity Enza Supermodel, while the committee waited instruction. The mist is unknown as I have video footage of the show that shows nothing out of the ordinary. The green light however could be from a filter on one of the overhead lights. What confuses me is the movement of the apparition with such a quick shutter speed."


Appears in only one picture of many in succession


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 Jim's comments:
I have been in contact with Chris concerning her photo and we both find it interesting that many pictures were taken, and all in succession... but yet, this was the only one that came out with such a bizarre effect. We obviously have to view motion blur as a consideration because of the streams. But all in all, I would have to wonder about this particular photo being set for a longer exposure time and then not see any other signs of motion... meaning from movement and or shiny reflective objects or surfaces. So considering the event, and the fact that this hotel has a known haunting from at least two ghosts, I would have to at least consider the fact that we may have something supernatural here.
 Submitted by:  Chris

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