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Samantha writes, "Ojai Valley is a well known ghost ridden area. An entire book was published to tell of all the ghosts haunting this tiny valley. I was on the main highway going to Ojai Valley, and I took some random pictures of the interesting photo opportunities. I did not see the weird apparition on the road-side screen. However I couldn't shake off the eeriness permeating this place."


Misty forms in roadside warning sign



  Jim's comments:
We can't completely rule out reflective glare in this daylight photo, but to me, this is too ghost-like and ecto-ish. You the viewer may see something different, but I am seeing what looks like two images. The one on the left is more dense and relaxed, while the one on the right is misty and more devilish. Just my opinion of course. So now for the reason this photo was posted... I'm thinking, if this were the real deal, could this type of roadside warning sign be a method not thought of before for attracting ghosts? If so, we need to know that. I would ask any of our viewers that may be responsible for such equipment if they would mind taking some pics and letting us know the results. But please don't stop along the side of the road for such an experiment. If you do that, we don't even want to hear from you. We surely do not promote risk taking on the roads and highways.
 Submitted by:  Samantha

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