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Scotland cemetery ghost!
Bradley writes, "This picture was taken in Scotland in 1989.  Two friends of mine were visiting the gravesite of one of their Mother's.  The image immediately before this one on the roll of film was of the headstone itself.  One of the friends said "let's take a picture of the beautiful scenery mom gets to see everyday".  Little did they know what would appear."


Misty form appears in photo



 Dark Angel's comments:
This is a fascinating image of what appears to be a smiling feminine face. 
It doesn't seem to have any of the typical characteristics of smoke.  Smoke that color isn't normally that transparent, unless it's drift smoke from a large fire that's far away or been extinguished.  And even then, it's normally horizontal and elongated.  For this to be drift smoke and be straight up and down would mean that the fire would have had to be directly beneath the smoke, but there is nothing in the photo to indicate that there's been a fire.  The hills are bright green and the trees are all unburned.  Had there been a fire, everything would be blackened.
 Submitted by:  Bradley

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