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Television screen turned on!
Sonia writes, "I have been doing some Television research by taking pics with the TV on. I have done this in the past and have obtained fascinating results. This photos was taken while watching a show concerning in a church in Stockport, UK. The picture shows a misty form on the TV screen."


Transparent form appears in scene



  Jim's comments:
We have posted photos in the past where objects and human figures have appeared on the screen while a program is playing on TV. This has always fascinated us. Apparently from this photo and from what we have seen in the past, there is much research to do in this area. It seems that ghosts may be able to appear through TV's that are both turned on and off. If you the viewer care to try such an experiment, you will need to stand off to the side of the TV in order to avoid glare from the flash. Or, stand really close and not use a flash at all. The other thing you need to remember is to avoid taking a picture close to a scene transition. If you do it by accident, you should make a note of it. A scene can fade out and a new scene come in without your eyes really noticing,  but the camera will catch it, and you will end up with what looks like a ghostly effect or double exposure. That needs to be avoided at all costs. If you try this experiment with success, please let us know... and send us some pics!  : )
 Submitted by:  Sonia

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