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Ghost video stills!
John writes, "During a sleep study this ghost was caught on a Sony infrared digital camera:

                          Photo #1 shows the ghost entering the room.

                          Photo #2 shows the ghost floating up to the bed.

                          Photo #3 shows the ghost standing over the patient.

                          Photo #4 shows the ghost beginning to leave the room hovering over the patient in a squatting position. Notice you can see feet on the ghost.

                          Photo #5 shows the ghost flying out of the room in the same squatting position.

All five pictures were taken from one second of recording. In real time it looks like a boomerang going across the screen. The image of him standing over the bed is truly spooky."


Capture number 01

Capture number 02

Capture number 03

Capture number 04



 Jim's comments:
As John said in his comments, these "still" shots were all taken from one second of video coverage. I think it would be fascinating to see the actual video in slow motion. We have seen this type of energy before in two separate clips that were submitted a couple years ago and it's pretty much the same as this. The energy is not an orb with a trail but actually snake like in appearance. Its' nature indicates it needs to twist and turn sporadically as it moves. Whether this is an unknown entity source or visiting spirit, we know not. But what ever it is, it's fascinating and warrants all the attention we can give it.

Dark Angel's comments:

When people reach a certain stage of sleep, they are able to leave their bodies in the form of astral travel.  These photos could very well show a sequence of an astral traveler as they return to their body, and prepare to re-enter it by moving to a horizontal position above the body and lowering themselves down.

 Submitted by:  John

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