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Haunted Doorwerth Castle!
Conclusive finding from the research group, N.C.I.P.


Figure in the middle of the room - left of center

Introduction: On Thursday the twenty sixth of February in the year two thousand and four Jack Lomax (N.C.I.P. Director of Field Operations) and Timothy Edmund Mülder (1st Field Assistant) visited Doorwerth Castle situated on the Rhine River, at the foot of the wooded hills of the Veluwezoom, near Arnhem. Our intention was to conduct a comparative study to highlight differences or similarities between haunted locations in England and Holland.

Castle Doorwerth : A Brief History :
The castle was strategically well situated on the border of the
Rhine and therefore easy to defend. It was a centre of power, government, and administration of justice. In 1260 there was a wooden fortress on the site, which was destroyed by a warlord of the bishop of Utrecht. 20 years later it had been rebuilt in stone, and was again besieged and plundered. The original castle measured about 30 x 40 feet, with walls over 4 feet thick. The staircases connecting the 2 stories were built within the walls. In the early 15th century the North Wing was added, together with battlements and defense towers. During the latter half of the century, the big tower and parts of the South Wing were built. During the 16th century there was another floor added to the East wing, the South Wing was extended, and the round tower with winding stairs connected all the floors of the extended castle. By around 1640 the castle had reached it's present shape. During its long history it was repeatedly besieged, burnt down, restored and left uninhabited for long periods of time. The most severe destruction happened during and after the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. Almost 75 percent of the castle was destroyed and again renovation works started and were completed in 1983. The castle was refurbished in 17th century style, and was officially opened as a museum by Queen Juliana in 1986.

Field Equipment :
4 x PC – 105 Sensor-modified DV cameras
3 x XD3 model tripods
2 x Body thermo-insulator suits
1 x Floor mounted thermometer
1 x Standard field compass
1 x Electro magnetic vector automatic network analyser (ANA). 1 x S100U sound recorder

For this field trip we employed the same simple yet effective technique that had produced such well founded results in the Hampton Court Palace and Earls Farm sites. We used the modified DV cameras set on weighted tripods in a triangulated set up to ensure maximum room coverage and a perfectly steady shot. The DV footage was recorded in one hour blocks. Having run a control test, the cameras were set running from a synchronised start point and their time codes noted. The variables of temperature, electromagnetism and sound were recorded in sync with the DV cameras. We identified two sites of interest, firstly the cellar of the castle (its oldest part) and the hall located directly above. As the recordings run in synchronisation we are able to identify anomalies in the results taken from the thermometer, ANA and S100U and then check these variations against the DV footage. Using a specific VT analyser we can closely examine the footage and identify the appearance of a wide range of apparitions, vapours, orbs and phantasms. Below is an indication of the electromagnetic range within which apparitions operate and how these relate to the living world.

Infrared: we often think of this as being the same thing as 'heat', because it makes our skin feel warm. In space, IR light maps the dust between stars.
Visible: this is the part that our eyes see. Visible radiation is emitted by everything from fireflies to light bulbs to stars ... also by fast-moving particles hitting other particles. Ultraviolet: we know that the Sun is a source of ultraviolet (or UV) radiation, because it is the UV rays that cause our skin to burn.

Having identified a total of 9 anomalies in the thermal, electromagnetic and audio data we proceeded to examine the DV tapes. The initial 7 anomalies proved inconclusive but upon examination of the 8th some interesting phenomena were identified. All three data streams shows signs of disturbance when compared to the initial control test.

Fig (1) – Anomaly No. 8 represented by the ANA data.

Fig (2) – Anomaly No. 8 represented by the S100U data.

Fig (3) Anomaly No. 8 represented by the thermometer data.

The times of the disturbances all matched a certain time code (46mins08secs23frames) on the footage and upon examination a class 4 apparition was identified.

The Mülder Vapour Scale Explained:
Class 1: An anomaly that cannot be explained and is suggested only by minimal data. Not detectable by the human senses.
Class 2: Two data stream anomalies coincide to suggest a presence but this cannot be formally identified through visible media.
Class 3: The first step in apparition identification. A vapour now takes a visible form and is represented in at least two data streams.
Class 4: A clearly identifiable apparition that is represented in a minimum of three data steams. A full torso is visible and sound may be heard.
Class 5: Precisely represented in all data streams, the apparition can be clearly seen, has features and can be heard.

Visual Evidence:
Three video stills are included in this document 007, 008 and 009. Still 007 depicts the video footage as it is seen after screen resolution has been increased by 108%, making the image just visible to the casual observer. Still 008 is an infrared view and 009 uses spectroscopy to gain a clearer representation. The images clearly show the vapour as it briefly appears in the hall and it is thought to be male as its form is typical of previously studied examples. The clear presence of legs is a strong indication that the subject is male as the majority of female forms are seen with a draping lower quarter and as such no legs are visible. An interesting addition is the refracted light seen in all the stills as the vapour passes through the shot. A rarely observed feature, the refraction qualifies this apparition as class four because the refraction is an interaction with the living environment.

It has indeed been fortunate that the relatively brief trip to Doorwerth has resulted in such an interesting find. The N.C.I.P. register has been up dated and the finding has begun a new volume that will include all further
Netherlands discoveries. The results of this survey will be used to contrast and compare the recent UK findings and will help to qualify the newly created data stream analysis technique. Doorwerth Castle certainly warrants further investigation and the N.C.I.P. intend to conduct further research in Holland as a direct result of this landmark discovery. We can now say conclusively that there is a presence in Doorwerth Castle and that it can be qualified according to our analytical procedure. The next step is to research local history in order to draw hypotheses as to the origin of the ghost, this would be best conducted in the locale and may be something that press and other interested parties could have a hand in.
 Jim's comments:
We agree that the photo looks to be authentic. I was also especially impressed with this teams report and how they presented their findings. Good job!
 Submitted by:  N.C.I.P. Research
Email: hansgeenen@tiscali.nl

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