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Small creature on girls lap!
Cindi writes, "Several months ago, I emailed you about disturbances in our house. When you contacted me and wanted to investigate, I explained that we had a priest bless our home and we had very few disturbances after that.  I thought it revolved around my son, whose toys were speaking to him.  I explained that cabinets would open and close, our pets were very wary of the dining room, and that our son's toys would talk to him. I'm not so sure any more. Attached you will find a picture. In this picture is my grandson and in the back is our daughter.  You will notice that there's something else... we don't know what this is. It appears to have fingers or toes. When this picture was taken on Father's day, she had her hands in her lap and there was NOTHING behind my grandson or in her lap. I think that whatever has plagued us, has come back....and now it's following our daughter."

Some say this is a Spiderman doll... and here is Cindi's response to that:
Today, I also saw the new photos and feedback for this month's gallery.  I appreciate the suggestions,  however, I must tell you that my daughter had nothing in her hands at the time the picture was taken.  This picture was taken at my mother-in-law's house, she's 75, and I can tell you that there are no action figures, or children's toys in her home, except for what our grandsons bring, and that weekend, they only brought clothing and coloring books, and a lawn golf set. I read Kaoishin's comments and I just wish it were a doll.  While my son owns several Spiderman toys, none are as large as that (he has 4-6" figures) and he was not there on this day. I did go by Toys-R-Us today and even I had to admit that the figure in the picture closely resembles the Spiderman doll posted, except for the fact that Dee had nothing in her hands. I have taken Dark Angel's suggestion, and things have calmed considerably, except we have a new "person" in our home... the Old Man... I asked my son who this was (as he talks to him frequently at night, and he seems to sit on our son's bed quite often) and he explained that he's the guy who tells him how to "take care" of the animals and make sure that they don't bother him . We still have two cats and two dogs who refuse to enter the dining room and now at times, his bedroom. I have still tried to get him to give up his stuffed toys, but he always tells me that if I get rid of Charlie Bear, he'll come back. We've settled into a routine of ignoring the things that happen, even my husband has begun to feel a little uneasy lately, but our friends who visit us never stay long claiming the house is cold (we keep the thermostat set at 76 degrees) or any of my daughter's friends who spend the evening with us, will refuse to sleep in our son's room when he's not here on the weekends, saying the closet opens or it feels spooky in his room. I welcome any explanations to our problem.

Another viewers comments

I just looked at the new gallery you have, and  after reading about "Small Creature On Girl's Lap", seeing the pics, and reading the viewer comments, I'd like to point out a couple of things. The first is that, the creature doesn't appear to be on the girl's lap. It actually appears to be against the boy's head. I say this because, although the creature's body seems to be behind the boy's head, the creature's head seems to be in front of the boy's ear. His earlobe is clearly behind the creature. The second thing I wanted to point out is that, even though many people are saying that the creature is actually a Spiderman toy, that claim can't be true. Spiderman wears a full face mask. The creature in the picture has a "mask" on only the upper half of its face/head. The lower part looks to be a bearded chin. If this were a Spiderman action figure, the mask would cover the entire face - and even if it didn't, Spidey fans know that Peter Parker doesn't have a beard. That's all.  Panthor

Our technical photo advisor says this about the photo:
In regards to the August submission “small creature on a girl’s lap” I believe there is no doubt it is the Spiderman doll. For all I know the person who submitted the picture is indeed haunted, and maybe there was no Spiderman doll around that day, but a Spiderman doll showed up in the picture regardless. You can debate all day long how it got there but the obvious conclusion is the Spiderman doll is there. I have spent many years in the computer graphics industry and do not think it was added digitally but it could have been and it is a doll. I took a few minutes to note some of the features that would allow the submitted doll to match this picture. The key is the swiveling joints of the doll can be turned to create the effect of the picture. the right arm is also obscured by the ear of the boy and if you look closely can see the fingers protruding out of the edge of his ear. The “beard” that was noted by someone else on the doll is actually the ring shown on the submitted picture of the actual doll (I do not know what this is for, hanging Spiderman on something maybe?). The light shining on the doll hides most of his costume design but you can clearly make out most of it even the blue color on his arm. I have enclosed a crude image trying to explain some of this better. Once again I am not saying that Cindi is lying, but it is a doll, however it got there. kaw

On August 27th...Jim adds this
This has been a very controversial photo and I appreciate all the emails trying to explain key points (pro & con) concerning it. So after careful consideration, Ghoststudy is taking an official stand that this creature is in fact believed to be a Spiderman action figure and not a creature at all. I can't explain how it mysterious appeared in the picture, but it did.


Here is the original submitted photo

possible entity captured on film


 Jim's comments:
Darkangel has talked to Cindi on the phone twice about her family's haunting. Cindi was given information that could possibly calm things down in their home by us. But if things continue, we are prepared to do an investigation. I clearly see a left hand & head, as well as a possible right hand reaching up onto Cindi's daughter. You can barely see the fingertips of the right hand beside the boys ear. When talking to Cindi on the phone she assured us that there were no girls or dolls in the yard.

Viewer comment:
kaioshin writes, "Your New gallery that you just put up contains a fake. Titled "Small Creature on girl's lap" Yeah. I'd like to inform you that isn't any type of creature.. it's Just a Spider-man movie action figure. looks to be either the 12" or 18" one from the Spider-man 2 movie. I have included a pic of the 18" action figure."

Some are saying that this is what we are actually seeing in the pic

Thanks to pentaclegoddess for creating this illustration.
pentaclegoddess is a member of our message board

Here are more pics from viewers

Thanks Mary Lisa for submitting her Spiderman pic

Thanks to Raziel from the message board for this version.

 Submitted by:  Cindi

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