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Haunted Alcatraz prison!
Russell writes, "I recently visited Alcatraz and explored as usual and took pics etc, but when I got home I noticed something wrong with one pic that I didn't spot on my digi cams screen. Can you see the legs outside the cell? please look at this and give me feedback! There was no one outside the cell and that cell is supposedly haunted too, as before I went to the states, I watched a ghost program on UK TV which was about Alcatraz. The cell was one of the main subject areas."

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Popular jail cell for ghost activity


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Close-up of two separate legs


  Jim's comments:
Well, to start with, Alcatraz is listed in many publications as one of the most haunted places in America. And if that's true, then this picture would certainly substantiate that claim. I however, can not completely rule out logical explanations, such as a slow shutter speed. But unlikely considering the fact that a digital camera was used. And double exposure would certainly be ruled out as well, in that case. Both shoes are in a slightly separate position, so it's not the same shoe (& leg) pasted in twice. But I have to wonder why the legs are positioned so far away from each other... that's some stride this ghostly resident has. Anyway, we found Russell's photo fascinating and we wanted to share it with all of you.

DarkAngel's comments:
Alcatraz Island has a rich history that includes mysterious disappearances and ghostly sightings.  This image could very easily be a capture of the ghostly legs of either guards or prisoners, as they seem to be wearing similar garb, such as a uniform.

Viewer comments:
Hello Jim, My name is Jim Fox and I am really into the paranormal. I really like your website and don't get in as much as I would like. I also go into Ghostchatter.com  I was in your site yesterday and today and was looking through the photos. I looked at the Alcatraz one and was blown away. Comments in there state that it might be 1 person but you can clearly see the second leg is closer to the cell, more than the first and the cuffs are different. This leads me to believe that it is two spirits re-enacting having to line up for meal time or exercise, work etc.. both would have the same uniform and shoes. These to me are both the left legs of two totally different spirits. I just thought I would give me my opinion on this. Thanks for your time Roadrunner from Johnstown, PA

 Submitted by:  Russell

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