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Tombstone Arizona classic!
Ike writes, "This is the photo that changed my opinion about ghost photo's!! I personally shot this photograph of my friend in Boothill Graveyard..We had it developed at Thrifty Drug Store and I know no one tampered with it! The picture was shot in black & white, because my friend wanted old west looking pictures of himself dressed up in my 1880 period clothes. All I can say is... "I know their was no other person in this photograph when I shot it, especially some guy holding a knife! That's right folks, if you look carefully the person in the background appears to be holding a knife! Look just to the right of my friend and you'll see a person which appears to have no legs or is coming out of a grave! Some people think it looks like a little boy, some say an old man, or even an old lady, what do you think? Interesting facts:.. Boothill Graveyard appears to be really over grown in this photo. Two weeks after this photo was shot we re-staged the photo by lining up two people in both positions. When we did this... you could clearly see the legs of the person standing in the back. The bushes in Boothill are not so thick that you can't see through them. And once again, this IS NOT a staged photo, or designed by the computer, the figure in the background also appears on the negative. I don't know about you... but the blown up image of this unexplained figure holding the knife gives most people the chills!! If you're not convinced that something is weird here, look at my friends shadow in the photo above, it appears to be going back slightly to the right of him. The figure in the back should have the same shadow, but it doesn't! Can you see the knife? We thought this was a tie at first, but after further review, it appears to be a knife!  The knife is in a vertical position, the tip is located just below the figures right collar, can you see it?"

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The famous Boot Hill Ghost photo


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Close-up of suspected ghost figure


  Dark Angel's comments:
This photo has been around the web for years, and has been the subject of much debate.  Our feeling is that this photo is most likely a genuine capture.  The figure does not appear to be standing in a hole or on a hillside.

Viewer comments:

I am purely the "novice" in terms of psychic abilities.  However, with age, I find my predictions and "feelings" becoming more clear and accurate.  I rarely share my abilities with anyone other than family and friends, but after viewing this photo, I was compelled to share what I know.
I knew right away this photo was genuine and you can be sure the apparition photographed is that of a young man.  Much like the opinion posted, I feel the young man is not angry.  He's a young man who died of natural causes, perhaps even accidental death.  Yet, he's searching.  Believe it or not, he's still looking for an animal.  It could be a dog or livestock, but I believe it is most likely his horse.  He just wants his horse back. July 5, 2004
 Submitted by:  Ike
Email: jamiebrown@beeb.net

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