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Someone's personal webcam!
Hayley writes, "I am a member of Asylum cam. These captures however are not from the asylum cam cameras but from another members web cam in the chat page on the website. His house used to be a morgue and I think he used to be a paranormal investigator. We were all chatting when he told us that he was experiencing a lot of activity - whenever he left his seat to go to the bathroom etc. things would happen, a lot of us saw it and I thought I would share the captures with you. his chair started to move to begin with and then, what can only be described as a Ecto form kept floating in front of his camera. The night previous to this another member had caught a girl running past his chair and being grabbed by what looks to be a shadow form. What do you think of this?? to watch it first hand was very very scary - I just thought I would see what you made of it as there are a lot of mixed opinions on the asylum cam website. Thank you for your time."

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First photo in a set of four captures
Anomaly begins to take form


See these pics at full-size - click here

Number 2 in the series

Two more in the series - # 4 & 5

Picture from the day before plus close-up


  Jim's comments:
This is a series of four captures from someone's personal webcam. The first photo shows a mist appearing and the following three photos display it growing and taking form. From what Hayley wrote, it sounds like this is a fairly common occurrence in this home and there is obvious reason to be concerned. The last thumbnail (photo) is included to show a possible shadowy figure reaching out to the lady walking by. We include the photo for observation, but we are unable to determine if that is indeed a shadow person or just background images in the home. We are reasonably sure however, (after enhancing the photo) that the lady walking by is a live person.
 Submitted by:  Hayley

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