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Toddler ghost at Asylum Cam!
Debbie writes, "I was watching the cams one afternoon, when I saw a group go up the stairs one by one. I captured them but just assumed that doc, the owner just had guests arrive. Until I saw a baby walking up the stairs by itself. Now, we all know that no one allows a toddler to go on the stairs by itself. So, I posted it on the Asylum to ask what others thought of this cap. Well, Doc responded, saying that no one, especially not a baby, was in the house that day. He still loves these captures, as they are yet more proof of his visitors. I sent only a few from the time span of the guests. There are a few more though. Thank you for your attention, I did get Doc's permission to send you these captures."

See these photos at full size with no water marks - Click here


Image of a toddler appears on the steps


See these pics at full-size - click here


A second capture take after the first


  Jim's comments:
We have received several captures from this cam in the last few months... and some have been truly amazing. So we have decided to include this one in the gallery. Unfortunately, just so you know, web cams have there share of flaws... meaning they don't always produce the clearest possible picture and any motion at all will be displayed as a streak in most cases, so using webcam shots as proof of supernatural activity is not always so easy. But, I must congratulate Doc at the Asylum cam for using some of the better equipment for his site. The first photo and it's enlargement above show what looks to be a toddler on the steps. Although this home is a residence and is active with living people, we still have to consider the fact that Doc did mention no babies were in the home visiting that day. We also have to consider, as Debbie mentioned, that no one in there right mind would allow a toddler on the steps by themselves anyway. So it looks like research needs to be done concerning why a baby would show up on this cam and at this residence. The third photo was another capture taken after the first. You can find a link to the "Asylum cam" on the main page of Ghoststudy.
 Submitted by:  Debbie

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