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Personal webcam apparition!
Lee writes, "These pics were taken, in October 20 2004 around mid afternoon. by my web cam. we are unsure if there s a ghost in the house so we would be grateful  if u could take a look at these 2 pictures one is green because I put the contrast down to get a better pic. thanks lee."

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Image of what looks like a hooded figure



  Dark Angel's comments:
This is an interesting capture of what appears to be a transparent, hooded and robed shadow ghost.

Jim's comments:
For some unknown reason, when I view this page with my web editor I see the upper left hand corner of the photo squared off as if it's trying to draw attention to the figure in that corner. I have no idea why it is outlined and it does not show up that way on the web when viewers are seeing it. I just thought I would share that. I include the section of the photo for analysis.

Viewer comments:
Ben writes, "You mention it being a transparent, hooded, and robed shadow ghost. To be quite honest, I didn't see that when I first looked at it. After reading your comment, I was able to see that perspective. But if you take another look, it appears to be a woman. Inside the box you outlined, her face would be located just left of center, and she is facing right. She also seems to be looking slightly up. Once you see this perspective, you can see her nose, mouth, right eye (since it is a profile), and most pronounced... the profile from her chin to neck. What are your thoughts?"

 Submitted by:  Lee

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