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Winchester Mystery House!
Jon writes, "I went to the Winchester House in San Jose CA. just before thanksgiving last week. My friend and I decided to take random pictures of areas within the mansion while having our tour. Just today I noticed two floating objects in one of the picture. The weird part is that the two objects (possibly orbs) are shown with shadows. The picture was taken in the room where the previous owner was trapped during an earthquake."

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Orbs traveling in formation


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Close-up of oval orbs with shadows


  Dark Angel's comments:
Orbs that are seen with the naked eye are sometimes described as "oval or egg-shaped" and "bright white".  They're usually described as "thick, as though having substance", and the shadows in this photo seem to prove that.  This photo would seem to support the descriptions of orbs that are given by those who have seen them.

Jim's comments
As Dark Angel mentioned, orbs are often seen with the naked eye as being solid and oval shaped. However, just to make it clear, orbs can also appear quite readily as a cloudy mass with streaks, and will give the appearance of having vibration or movement. And as for the location that these orbs were photographed, it makes perfect sense that such an event would be captured on film. The Winchester House is considered one of the top ten most most haunted locations in America. 

 Submitted by:  Jon

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