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Stay out of this house!!
David writes, "I moved into a house in Oct 2004...I have had nothing but problems...My wife left me right after we moved in and I spiraled downward into depression...I stared having thoughts of suicide and things started happening even worse...It got so bad that when I tried to go to bed I would hear noises and things moving...I just kinda kept shrugging it off...I had a friend stay over one night and while we were laying in the living room in the dark she said she felt like someone was watching us...Again I kinda laughed and shrugged it off...My neighbor who I don't know well talked to me one day while I was raking my yard...He said you mean you ain't moved yet...I laughed and said no why? He said my house was haunted...A man killed himself in it several years earlier...I felt the hairs on my neck stand up...To make the story kinda shorter me and my wife ended up getting back together in Dec...One night we were laying in our bed and the noises started back up...It sounded like someone walked up to our bedroom door...I already had reached for my gun in my dresser and was gonna shoot through the door...I was sure someone had broken in...I grabbed the door handle scared shitless ready to blow someone away...I opened it and no one was there...Needless to say me and her left and spent the night at my Dads...The next day I had my friend come over...She brought her camera over with her...She said that we should take pics of an empty room...Well we did and nothing happened...Well my kitchen has a sheet over it cuz of cold air in my house...She claimed that she felt energy or something from in that room...So that night we set the timer on the camera and took pic after pic towards that door...Out of 100's of pics this one scared the hell outta of me and I am scared to be in this house...We are looking for a new place...Please tell me what your opinion is...I was here when the pic was taken and I opened the file myself so it was never tampered with...Please email me back and let me know what to do...It has got really bad lately."

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Close-up of glowing head


  Dark Angel's comments:
It's a well-known fact that ghosts can sap our energy and also cause depression and friction between family members.  This suicide could be angry with himself for what he did.  We don't believe that this was simply someone under a sheet.  We find it to be a most unusual and creepy ghost photo!

Update from David (person who submitted photo)
Through correspondence with David, he sent this additional info.
We caught more pics over the weekend and are in the process of moving out but it seems something don't want us to leave...The light in the bedroom stopped working...The same bedroom where he killed himself...It's not a lightbulb problem either...Me and my wife have been arguing a lot again and every time we are we hear the same damn noises coming from the bedroom...Almost like a whimpering and a moaning...They said the guy suffered greatly before he died...Depression...He had cancer and all his family was gone...I have always believed in the Supernatural but never really experienced anything Paranormal like this...It has made a true believer out of me and also scared me badly...Thanks for your attention on this for me...

 Submitted by:  David

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