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Ghost poses with Jesus!
Michelle writes, "I sent you some photos of orbs last week, and I have had many photos of orbs and oddities throughout my life but I have never caught anything as strange as what I just caught about a half hour ago. I am completely freaked out right now and am hoping to get some feedback. I bought an old handmade Jesus collage at an antique shop a few months ago and it dates back to the late 1800's/early 1900's. Yesterday, I bought a ring fragment that dates back to the Sassanian Empire around 6 A.D. I decided to put both these things up on eBay and was taking photos of both. I had my back turned to the Jesus collage as I took the photo of the ring when I got a sense of something watching from behind me. I turned and snapped a picture of the Jesus collage immediately. When I looked at the photo there is a picture of a bald man right behind the shoulder of Jesus! It is clear as day and NONE of the other photos show this. You can even see that the man is wearing a white shirt with a red collar. You can see his neck go right down to the collar and then it cuts off right around the top of his chest. I don't know if this is an entity connected to the Jesus collage or the ring but either way I am getting rid of both of them asap. I don't know if the spirit is positive or negative. I have taken a bunch of photos since this happened in an attempt to catch it again and they are all normal Please let me know what you think. I have never caught anything this clear before, and I have been ghost hunting for quite some time. Ironically, I was just taking pictures for eBay when this happened."

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Bald headed figure to the right of Jesus


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Close-up of face in the portrait


  Dark Angel's comments:
This is a most unusual capture.  Could this be a lost soul looking to be saved?
 Submitted by:  Michelle

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