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Jin in the smoke!
Muhammad writes, "last night me and my cousins were hanging out in my restaurant and smoking shisha ( its an arabic hoga), located in jakarta ,Indonesia. so we took several pic's of each other smoking shisha , and the interesting part is one of the picture's that we took of my cousin above her there is an eye and u could even see the face !!! and we did not make this up this is real !!!  what we think is: "this is a jin" ( u know the film jini ) well here in jakarta there are many jin or probably u call them ghost in the states,......... well there every where just like humans . only few people can see them, or feel them. and we believe in jins cause they are mentioned several time in the Quran.  
ok jim, I hope u like the pic, and please let me know what u think."

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UPDATE: see comments section below for possible explanation

Smoke forms into a face at the top



  Dark Angel's comments:
Does this photo prove that ghosts and spirits of all kinds can be attracted to earthly enjoyments?
Member comment:
I come to your site everyday. The pictures are amazing. My only disagreement is the pic "Jin in The Smoke". Even though it looks very creepy. The eye looks to me to be nothing more than a recessed lighting can in the ceiling. It is very easy to duplicate. Benjamin

Jim's comments: (update)
We have received several emails stating that the eye could simply be a
smoke detectors water spout or recessed lighting in the ceiling. So we are definitely considering that possibility. However, that does not explain why the center core or light bulb would be so dark (almost black). Also worth considering is the fact that Muhammad's comments suggest that the eye and face is above his cousin (left side of photo). Which would be a totally different focal point all together. The mystery continues.

Another member comment:
Chris writes, "I read about the arguments over the eye and face in the
smoke picture. I think you guys got it all wrong. The ceiling light isn't the "eye" at all. The message says that the ghost is right above the cousin right? Well look very closely in that area and you will see a genie-like face! I made an outline of it in the picture. Tell me what you guys think."

 Submitted by:  Muhammad

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