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Hands appear in haunted house!
Pam writes, "The submitted photo was a doctors office for about 50 years. The doctor was active until his death at 86 years of age. He passed away in 2001. its now an office that takes emergency 911 calls. It is very active with paranormal activity. At Christmas time two balls that were hanging off the ceiling would spin one way then stop and start spinning the other way with no air vent anywhere. A couple of times one ball would raise up and stop like someone was holding it. Shadows are seen at the ends of the halls with no one else in the building. Cold spots threw out mostly in the men's restroom. The reason the picture was taken with the hands is a twig on a bush was moving up and down, only one twig on the whole bush so the picture was taken and the hands and face showed up in it. The picture of the door is the personal office of the doctor that owned the building for all those years. Another thing about the building it is said that the doctor did autopsies in this building before the town got a hospital. (I do not know if this is true or not) One more thing that happens in this building... in one spot in the hall, people trip as they are walking down the hall. there is nothing in the hall for them to trip over. I hope this helps."

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Hands reaching down in the picture


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Enhanced close-up of hands

Face in the bottom of the doc's door


  Dark Angel's comments:
Pam is a very respected member of Ghoststudy and has submitted other paranormal photos in the past.  Thank you for sharing these amazing captures with us, Pam!
 Submitted by:  Pam

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