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Devil in the Spa!
Ali writes, "I took this photo in at a family resort & spa, my son first saw the likeness of a devil with outstretched arms in the wall, later as I examined the photo there is a weird reflection on reverse of a outstretched devil also in the water where our legs should be, if u look very closely its like a silhouette of the image on the wall but how would it get there being behind us, it reflected on the water, u decide if it only our imagination, the wall shape I understand as a coincidence but the reflection is just too creepy for me."

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Disturbing image appears in rockwork


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Close-up of devilish creature

Outline of the two images


  Jim's comments:
I think the shadows in the water are pretty creepy. And as for the devil, I find that's quite amazing whether it's part of the wall or if it just mysteriously appeared there. The eyes are especially well defined.

Viewer comments:
I love your website and always look out for your new galleries every month. It just so happens that I have found another image in one of this months submitted pictures...Whether the family have noticed this or not I find it a lot creepier than the devil image that was originally submitted. It was the first thing I noticed about the picture.
It seems (to me) that there is the image of either a hare or a Ram which I would associate with devil worship....if there is a connection with that and the original "devil" then that is very creepy...on the other hand, am I the only one that has seen this other image?????!!!??
This image to me sticks out a lot more....I have outlined it. You can clearly see the horns (or ears) and the nose complete with nostrils and hare-like mouth and a creepy looking eye....I hope you submit this e-mail or at least let the family know. They may have spotted this already.  I find it fascinating!!!....I didn't see the devil until I looked at the outlined image. Many Thanks and keep up the brilliant work. I'm saving the pennies to become a proper member of the secret crypt. I'll see you in there soon...Fi Kent U.K.
 Submitted by:  Ali

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