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Bizarre bug encounters!
Added this page just for fun... enjoy!

Spooky flying bug
Tiffany writes, "This picture was taken September 18 2004. It was my good friends surprise birthday party. And until this night, it had been about a year and a half before we had seen each other. Her boyfriend took the picture. The type of camera, I'm not sure, something high tech. She sent me about 10 pictures or so and out of all
of them, this was the only one with something funny in it. What do you think? It looks similar to a bird or a giant moth maybe.  It almost looks like it's coming in for a landing on my shoulder. I can't seem to enlarge it at all. The fact that there's a shadow seems strange. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The picture was taken at night, and we are actually outside. In between the house and garage there's a covered patio. ( which is where we are)."

Spooky white giant spider
Ben writes, "Contreras from Sinton, Texas, I own a digital camera and so does my friend Paul, so we decided to go ghost hunting and ended up at a cemetery in Refugio, and upon noticing the giant spider hanging at the entrance, I snapped a shot, then I noticed the "Ecto plasmic cloud" when I checked the quick review on the camera. So I took some two more pictures and it appeared to be moving away from the fence, but did not show up in anymore after that."

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Huge white flying bug?

Close-up with enhancement


See these pics at full-size - click here

Entrance to cemetery - come on in!  :)



  Jim's comments:
I guess we should have labeled this page "what you don't want to encounter on a ghost hunt, or otherwise". I found it interesting that these were submitted recently. Maybe not ghostly, but creepy all the same!
 Submitted by:  Tiffany

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