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Ghost Coach Express!
Trina writes, "My brother took this photo several years ago in the Northampton area of England. He was initially photographing the name on the side of a disused coach at an old railway station. It wasn't until he got the photo developed that he saw what appears to be a face peering out of the window. My brother was wearing a baseball cap at the time and was alone. However, if it was someone inside the coach then they would have to have been standing through the floor to be at the level the face appears at. This photo's fascinated us for years."

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Round headed beady eyed ghost in coach



  Jim's comments:
A head like a round ball with eyes that are way closer together than normal... then add a flavor of eeriness to the mix and we have ourselves something rather ghostly indeed!

Viewer Comments:
Jeb writes, "The "Ghost coach express" photo looks like a barn owl.  See the photo and the cropped photo for comparison.  Barn owls often roost or nest in buildings that are out of use, and it would not be unusual for one to nest in an old train car.  They are found almost worldwide and will scare you to death.  In my opinion, the photographer did not notice the owl through the dirty glass when he took the photo. My opinion
" Jeb

 Submitted by:  Katrina

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