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Figure behind bars (gate)!
Tina writes, "I took this photo off my web cam about three weeks ago (I cant remember exactly what date). I was sitting at my computer looking at my web cam to see if it was working ok, when I saw a shadow at my stair gate which is by my front room door, the shadow appeared to be holding on to the gate, it was 11pm and there was only my husband and myself in the room, it looked as if it was looking at me, I am asking because my Nan passed away 7 years ago and I was wondering if it was her or something else."

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Figure caught on cam


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Close-up of figure holding the gate


  Dark Angel's comments:
We certainly do see a shadowy image in the doorway.  It appears to be the faint image of a person resting their arm or wrist on the gate.  This is certainly an intriguing photo!
 Submitted by:  Tina

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