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Lesson on Lens flare!
Lens flare occurs when you take a photo with the sun or a bright light source in front of the camera at the time of the snap. The light source does not have to be directly in front of the camera. And unfortunately there is usually no way to tell if the flare will show up in the finished (or developed) picture. Flare will appear in photos as white or multi-colored circles as well as streams of light coming from the source. Flare can also appear as the image of the camera's diaphragm, which will be a hexagonal shaped (six-sided) object. Avoid taking pictures in the direction of the sun or a bright light source when hunting for ghosts via ghost photography. An attachment known as a "lens hood" is available and does help. You can also try simply using your hand or a hat to shade the lens. Common causes of lens flare include bright lights, sunshine, reflectors, or flashes. If someone is with you, ask them to stand so that they cast a shadow on the lens.
For more information on Lens flare - Visit this web site

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Lens flare (sun) - submitted by Jenny
She also suggests a dark ghost on right wall


See these pics at full-size - click here

More lens flare - submitted by Jenny

Lens flare from bright light source
Submitted by Trin


  Jim's comments:
We receive lots of submissions from those seeing flare as some type of possible "spirit form" and it's simply not the case. We hope that this will help to better educate the community on the effects of lens flare in ghost photography.
 Photos submitted by:  Jenny & Trinlay

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